Landscape Maintenance

Full service landscape maintenance ensures your property will be cared for throughout the year. We offer existing bed cleanup and mulching to keep everything looking beautiful. Keep existing specimens trimmed and pruned to their needs and your desires. We offer fall perennial cut backs, leaf removal and provide a vacuum service to take your leaves away if you choose to pile your leaves up yourself. We also install drip irrigation systems that are a simple way to keep your plants healthy.

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Some of the services we specialize in:

  • custom flagstone installation & design
  • natural settings
  • balancing landscapes
  • native installs
  • deer resistant plants and shrubs
  • wetland plants
  • conservation plants
  • formal gardens
Landscape Design

Landscape Design

You have your vision, your Pinterest board is ready. With our help let's put those ideas on paper so you can visualize your future outdoor space.

Creating a master plan for your project is a very important step in the design process. We take into consideration your family size, yard uses and long term vision when designing. Creating this master plan allows you to have a map of your completed project with all areas considered. Implementing parts of your plan in phases, your budget is respected and no time is wasted going backwards.

New Plant Installations

We specialize in utilizing locally grown native plant species to better insure a sustainable and balanced ecosystem on your property that will give you a look you will love for years to come. Using locally grown native plants and trees will give you the peace of mind knowing they weren't hauled long distances from an unfamiliar hardiness zone. This not only improves the survival rate of your natural landscape, but local outdoor grown specimens also ensures that your purchase has already been living in its natural environment as opposed to a greenhouse grown plant.

Enhance your property’s appearance by planting trees. Hide a nosey neighbor and provide shade over your outdoor environment. We can reshape existing beds to look more appealing and create new beds to accommodate new plants you might want to include in your landscape. We plant wind breaks, privacy screens, and borders using a wide variety of locally grown native evergreen trees and deer resistant native shrubs. You can even pic trees out of the field that we will dig and plant for you.