Bobcat Services

JWS Landscaping provides a wide variety of machine work services for your landscaping needs. Please inquire about your specific service needed if you do not see it described below.

Seeding and Lawn Renovation

JWS Land has the equipment needed to install new lawns or renovate an old lawn. Our track machine and power rake attachment can cultivate the top layer of dirt while collecting rocks. This leaves the dirt loose and ready for proper seed germination. Our soil conditioner attachment removes rocks and debris from within the soil while breaking up clumps leaving the dirt behind it flat and ready for grass seed. This attachment can also be used to cultivate a stone driveway or parking area filling in potholes and looking new again.

Brush Hogging

Our track machine/ brush hog attachment is capable of mowing thick overgrown fields and pastures. Since it has rubber tracks its weight is properly distributed and ground compaction is greatly reduced.

Debris Cleanup

Our grapple is capable of picking up large brush piles, logs and debris. If you have unwanted debris or need an area cleaned we posses the equipment capable of efficiently doing this. Our mid sized excavator is able to dig out and remove tree stumps. We can also move rocks and place boulders with this machine.

Tree Planting

We can efficiently plant large quantities of large trees to add screens of buffers on your property.

Other Machine Services

Our machine can be used to spread stone and screenings for equestrian facilities in riding rings indoor arenas. We also can install stone driveways, resurface stone driveways eliminating potholes and imperfections and install stone bases for new construction.