Hardscaping Maintenance: Tips for a Long-Lasting Hardscape

For homeowners, adding hardscaping to your backyard is a great investment, adding livability, functionality, and curb appeal. But like most great investments, if you want to get the most out of your dollar, you can’t just set it and forget it. The elements, along with everyday wear and tear, can take a toll on your hardscape – but when well kept, hardscaping can last for decades, complementing your yard beautifully and making outdoor living easy and fun. The key to a long-lasting hardscape is regular maintenance and a few easy preventative measures.


Keeping it clean: This should come as no surprise, but hardscapes face considerable wear and tear every day, having to withstand dirt, debris, and every kind of storm your climate has to offer. When dirt and debris accumulate over time, it can lead to staining and deterioration. Regularly cleaning your hardscape – like clearing off the debris, removing snow and ice, and lightly washing the stones – can help prevent this buildup. You can also use a power washer every year or so for an annual reset – but it may be beneficial to have a professional for this to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally damage the stones.

Fixing the cracks: No matter how much TLC you give your hardscape, accidents still happen. A cracked or damaged stone can stand out, especially amongst a sea of intact stones. What’s more, cracks can allow water to seep in, and if that water freezes, it can lead to further damage over time. Replacing individual stones when necessary can prevent the need for a total overhaul in the near future, retaining your hardscape’s longevity.

Killing those weeds: Unruly weeds create more than just an eyesore in your backyard; they can also create a threat to the integrity of your hardscape. When left to grow, weeds can quickly disrupt the soil around your hardscape, leading to dislodged pavers, unstable bricks, and unexpected tripping hazards. While weeding can be a tedious task, eliminating them before they get too big is the key to a safe, long-lastinghardscape. Luckily, there are plenty of creative solutions to getting rid of your weed problem. Talk to your contractor about their recommendations for keeping your hardscape weed-free.


Seal your stones: Creating a hardscape out of natural stone is sure to create an organic, timeless look to your outdoor living area. But to increase their longevity, many stones need sealing. Sealing your stones keeps your hardscape looking newer, longer, protecting the stones from damage and deterioration from harsh weather, fading from UV rays, and infestation from weeds and pests. Your contractor can help you determine if and when you should seal your hardscape.

Thoughtful furniture: Outdoor furniture is a must when it comes to maximizing your outdoor living area, but if you’re furnishing your hardscape, keep in mind just how strong your hardscape material is. Hardscape materials have different levels of strength and overloading certain stones with heavy furniture could lead to more cracks and displacement. Different materials also have different levels of scratch resistance, so it might be beneficial to invest in furniture gliders to prevent ugly scratches.